Which is the best medicine for premature ejaculation in India?

Don't go for fast, unsafe, or temporary results when your relationship is at stake. It is better to consult an expert and let them decide the best course of action for your betterment. Ayurvedic medicines are considered best for treating premature ejaculation in Delhi, India.

How to cure premature ejaculation naturally?

You can check our blog post "How To Help Your Partner If He Has Premature Ejaculation" and know a few tips and tricks to naturally improve your skills in the bedroom.

Is it okay to drink alcohol before sex to increase my time?

This is one of the most common questions among men all around the world. Alcohol may indeed slightly increase your stamina (help in premature ejaculation), but it isn’t a permanent solution. Heavy alcohol consumption can lower your testosterone levels which means weaker erections too. So, No you should do this.

Who is the best doctor for treating premature ejaculation?

Dr. Sudhir Bhola is the best sexologist doctor for treating premature ejaculation with Ayurvedic medicines and counseling. He has a very high success rate in solving acute cases of P.E. in Delhi, India.

Is there a way to increase stamina in bed naturally?

Yes, there are many ways for improving your intimate time naturally although they are not helpful for people that require quick results as exercises like Kegels or stop and start technique can be frustrating for some. The best answer is to see a doctor.

How to last longer in bed naturally?

Consecrate more time in foreplay rather than going straight for penetration. Make her feel special and wanted. Remember, your relationship with your partner remains the most important factor in helping them achieve an orgasm.

What are the available treatment options for premature ejaculation in Delhi or anywhere else in India?

Ayurvedic medicines, psychosexual therapy, couple counseling are found to be the best premature ejaculation treatment by Dr. Sudhir Bhola.