Broomcorn Wand / Hand Brush - Custom Made to Order

These brooms are made to order within 4 weeks of ordering and are made in the order received. 


Design your own broomcorn wand or hand brush! Please contact me with any questions before ordering. As all custom brooms are made to order to your specifications, allow up to 4 weeks before shipping.


Sorghum & Leather Brooms are both functional and decorative. Each broom is handmade one at a time with basic tools.


During in-person markets, many people thought that my cord color examples were wands or brushes. Please note that the forth photo is in fact my cord color examples, not a wand. These wands are NOT stitched.


This much requested design could be used for wands, dusting, as mini-cobwebber, cleaning hard to reach areas, plant care, to keep in your office space, and more!


This simple hand brush is made with natural broomcorn. It has mountain sage colored cord. The hang tag can be reclaimed leather or handmade rope. Roughly 15.5" long not including hang tag. Pointed end. Unstiched sweep.


Materials: natural broomcorn, nylon cording, reclaimed leather.


Optionally leave me a message if you would like me to weave an intention into the broom while tying. You may let me know it's intended purpose, a mantra, or incantation.



Ritual altar broom for cultivating confidence, self actualization during transition, following intuition.


Body brushing broom for clearing energy before bedtime.


Patio broom for cleaning and bringing in good fortune and company.


  • All leather is reclaimed and otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.
  • Includes free slow shipping to the continental US only. You'll receive a tracking number. Sorghum & Leather is unable to ship outside the continental US.


For every broom made, a donation will be made to plant a native Colorado tree.

Broomcorn Wand / Hand Brush - Custom Made to Order

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  • For all custom orders, as the broom is made specifically for you, Sorghum & Leather can not accept returns or refunds. Thank you.

  • ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ Care for your broom: Handmade brooms will last for a long time if cared for. It is suggested that brooms be hung to keep weight off of the natural fibers. If your broom starts to look splayed at the sweeping ends of the broomcorn, soak the end (not handle) in water for 20 minutes, shake off excess water and reshape. If needed, tie with twine or rubber band overnight. Be sure to dry very thoroughly and avoid using the broom until fully dry. The color of broomcorn will change over the life of the broom, especially if stored in sunlight or outdoors, or from the oil on our hands. Do not use near open flame.