DENVER | 10.17.20 | RitualCravt School | Samhain Besoms with Oak and Hawthorn

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October 17th | 11a-6p | $75 | RitualCravt School | 7700 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Masks and social distancing required. Limited availibility. Handwashing available in classroom.


Traditional broom making is one of the crafts most closely associated with witches. Besoms hold big magic and connect us directly to the practices of our ancestors. Folklore tells us that witches both hid their wands inside the bristles and used their brooms to fly to their sabbath gatherings. Modern witches have a hard time finding such magical tools, so we will show you how to craft your own. Anytime we can create with our own hands, magic and intention within the objects is far more powerful.

This year Sorghum & Leather and Oak and Hawthorn will be co-teaching. Sorghum & Leather brings her professional broom crafting skills and gorgeous witchy vibes while Oak and Hawthorn will teach herb lore and provide masses of magical herbs to add to your besoms. Everyone will leave with a full size, thoroughly witchy besom for use in ridding your spaces of negative energies, sweeping away cobwebs or maybe even flying. Properly worn masks are required.


Please sign up for a time slot to ensure that we won’t have everyone showing up simultaneously. We want to make sure that we can give everyone all the help, instruction and attention they need. Thank you.


Michelle VanderHouwen is the owner of Oak and Hawthorn and provides the plant babies for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale.


Throughout all her years, she has studied art as a window into Spirit and the psyche, and Nature has been her church. Michelle believes that our hands are magnificent communicators. When we let them dig, sculpt, draw, scrape, tie and sew, we are sending messages to and from Heart Center. Our hands, full of sensation but devoid of reasoning, can create pure, honest prayer. In Michelle’s classes she teaches, with a variety of tools, different ways of accessing Spirit using our hands and hearts. Her goal is to help us all access the knowing we had at birth. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the spiritual wisdom of nature, studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue, and walks with the soul of a Witch. Discover her creations on Etsy and connect with Michelle via Instagram @oakandhawthorn and learn more here!


RitualCravt School is an eclectic community of paths and traditions to guide you with skill and wisdom towards the consciousness of your own transformation, willful intent, and virtues. We are rooted in Denver, Colorado and host a full staff of credible, vetted teachers as well as trusted guest teachers whom we work closely with. It's our priority to hold true to these professional standards and code of ethics. As we continue to grow as a community, we are pleased to now provide our school online and wish to invite you to explore our synergistic library of classes and workshops.

DENVER | 10.17.20 | RitualCravt School | Samhain Besoms with Oak and Hawthorn

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