Floor Sweep Powder • Purification, Protection, and Cleansing

This listing is for 111 grams of floor sweep powder in a shaker jar. The packaging will vary as we are transitioning into new packaging.

Limited batch.

Crafted a special batch of Floor Sweep Powder for purification, protection, and cleansing. It is a balanced blend of Epsom salt and botanicals.

Sprinkle, let sit, sweep up!

For use on floors, doorways, window sills, altars, etc.

Due to the nature of the ingredients used, there is a small amount of very fine residue left after sweeping that you may choose to leave as is, or wipe with a cloth.

The salt used is Epsom salt, so it is easily composted and will not throw off the balance of compost - unlike like table or sea salt. Did you know that Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate? Your compost, and eventually your plants, will love the magnesium boost when you are done with your Floor Sweep Powder.

Floor Sweep Powder • Purification, Protection, and Cleansing

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